We intend to put up a fund which shall never be “touched” and shall forever remain in “trust” to be earning interest within a fixed  maturity period.  The interest at the end of the maturity  period will be used to help  poor but deserving law scholar with leadership capability. The beneficiary  may only be one scholar for a long time  but whose potential to be leader  is great. Hopefully, he or she will make a big impact on society. He or she knows, feels and lived poverty and thus has empathy towards the poor and a burning desire to lift them up.

Hopefully, the financial institution where the fund is kept in trust will participate by utilizing  the fund as part of its loan scholarship program. In this way the not-so-significant  interest for the fund is offset by its being used by the institution for its loan scholarship projects.

The contributors will be  clients and friends of  this law firm.

For this we propose to allocate an initial fund of P30,000.00.

In due time, we shall formalize the legal structure of this AID.

We welcome your suggestions and comments.

For advice on above subject, you may contact J.A.B. Bulao & Associates at attybulao@gmail.com.